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SWACHHATA PAKHWADA (16th-31st May 2021)  

Children are the real ‘CHANGE MAKER’ of the future & hence they must be Empowered, Enriched & adequately Encouraged whenever there is any initiative towards creating any kind of Awareness on any issue. Realising the significance of this important social obligation, the school celebrates Swachhata Pakhwada every year.

It is needless to mention that during this COVID crisis it is essential to practice the concept of SWACHHATA in a wholesome way i.e. cleanliness of Body, Mind, Soul & above all our SWEET HOME(the safest place for all in present time).

In this regard to make the participation of our students more effective & constructively engaging, various activities and competitions were conducted- partly through ONLINE MODE & partly through OFFLINE MODE with the cooperation of students, parents ,teachers & members of school Management (as detailed  below).


In order to sensitize the torch bearers i.e. teachers,who would subsequently pass the desired message as well as value system required to bring any change,the Principal of the school Mr.Laxmi Kanta Debta delivered an hour-long Talk on ‘Swachhata Pakhwada’  on 16th of May through MSTeams Platform (virtually).All the staff members of the school were present during the Talk,which was followed by a prolonged deliberations on different activities & competitions to be organised for the same.Thus, the Action Plan for the next 15 days were finalised in the introductory meeting.

DATE:17th,18th & 19th May’21 (3 days of sensitization session)

Detail discussion in order to create Awareness  on Swachhata was done by the Subject teachers and Academic Supervisors with students of their respective classes for bringing more clarity about students’ role in observation of swachhatapakhwada and maintaining cleanliness and Hygienic life style.The series of sensitization sessions (ONLINE) were conducted alongwith the classes taken through MsTeams from 17th up to 19th of May’21.




Activities among the students i.e cleaning of personal belongings were conducted & students were asked to send the photographs before Cleaning & after cleaning.

Activities among the students i:e arranging the study table(covering of books and note booksetc) were conducted & students were asked to send their feelings/experience in writing as a part of Experiential Learning,in order to enhance the impact of the Auto-learning.
Cleaning the drawing room & taking care of the indoor plants and keeping the face mask neat and clean.This was conducted as a part of ‘Learning by doing initiative,which was appreciated a lot by the students as well as the parents.
In order to engage the youngest group of the school,i.e. the students of KID’s Block,they were asked to prepare Collage painting & Craft activity (among all students of LKG to STD II) on the TOPIC:Tools for cleanliness.The best of their Collage were shared in the respective group for positive reinforcement.


Painting Competition was organised among the students of STD: III to V. 110 students participated out of which 5 of the BEST PAINTINGs  got selected for felicitations.The names of the best painters are-
AnwesaPriyadarshini (V B-1st)
Pratyush P. Sahoo (III B-2nd)
SaiSampreetiParida (V A-3rd)
RishitDevya (III A-Consolation)
AnkitaSahoo (III A-Consolation). A video showcasing the winners was circulated as a mark of appreciation & they will be shortly rewarded by NTPC,for which the prizes will be distributed by the  school subsequently by strictly following the Covid Protocol.


SPEECH COMPETITION was organised among students of
STD VI-VIII where 45 selected Students participated.
5 of the best speakers were finalised for Felicitations.
The Winners are-SwagatikaPani (VI A-1st)
Salini Kar (VII B-2nd)
Ritwik Singh (VII A-3rd)
Ruturaj R. Behera (VIII B – Consolation)
GouravBehera (VI B – Consolation).A video showcasing the winners was circulated as a mark of appreciation & they will be shortly rewarded by NTPC,for which the prizes will be distributed by the  school subsequently by strictly following the Covid Protocol..


The entire school campus was Sanitized by the Lab attendant & Covid Monitoring Team,specially formed by the school.

Further,all the carpets used by the students during different programmes were washed with disinfectant.

As a part of Campus Cleaning by the available Non-vacational staff of the school,the garbage dumped near the Cycle stand was cleaned & the make-shift boundary wall,which was lying broken since long was erected ,using waste ‘TIN SHEET’ by the support staff of the school under the guidance of the teachers of the Sports Department of the school.


Essay competition (English/Hindi/Odia) was organised among the students of STD IX – XII,where around 25 selected students Participated. 5 of them with BEST SCRIPT, got selected for Felicitations namely
Nibedita Das (XI-1st)
PujaraniSahu (IX B – 2nd)
SwayampragyanSahoo (X A – 3rd)
GargeePradhan (IX A – Consolation)
Priyanka P. Sahoo (X B – Consolation). A video showcasing the winners was circulated as a mark of appreciation & they will be shortly rewarded by NTPC,for which the prizes will be distributed by the  school subsequently by strictly following the Covid Protocol.


Cleaning of electrical junk was another initiative taken ,broadening the horizon of Swachhata Pakhwada to a different level.

This included the removal of  four (4 No.) defunct A/C,under the supervision of Electrical Department of NTPC,township(post declaration (dead)by the AC mechanics) which were not serviceable & the outer units  clinging to Std-XI & Std-XII class rooms to the left & right side of the entrance of the Academic Block were disfiguring the aesthetic sense of the entrance  since a long time.

Accordingly,post inspection by the representatives of the IT Dept.NTPC, IT junk e.g. CRT monitors,old key boards & old CPUs (lying defunct since last 4 years) were all segregated under the supervision of the HOD,Comp.Sc Mr.Pratap kumar Mishra.All these IT junks,as informed by DGM,IT will be suitably disposed as per the norms alongwith other IT junks of NTPC in the due course. 
In tune with the action plan the Junks in the school Library were also cleaned on 27th May’21 under the supervision of the chief librarian Mr.Sameer Shukla.During the Cleanliness drive, Old newspaper (upto 20190 & Weeding out of,Unused Books and Booklets were segregated for disposal as per the CBSE norms.

As the school has been following the norms of ‘Practice’ before ‘Preach’, the Pledge taking ceremony was purposefully scheduled towards the last part of the Pakhwada,so that all the stakeholders would realise the essence of the content/wording of the ‘Swachhata Pledge’ while taking the Oath.In tune with this, the Principal administered the Swachhata Pledge on 28th May’21 at 9.30 a.m. through Phygital mode.All the students of Std-XI & XII and their teachers joined the Pledge ceremony through virtual mode ,where as the office staff,Group-D,members of CMT,members of CBSE result Committee available in the school campus joined the Pledge ceremony physically in the main Assesmbly Area of the school.

On the same day (28th May) it was followed by the Installation of 4 No. Big Dustbins with wheels & Lid in 4 wings e.g.-Administrative, Academic,Kids,Innovation blocks respectively. Afterwards, Cleaning of Offfice and Exam. Section was completed under the supervision of Exam I/C Mr.Pranab & Office I/c. Mr.Smruti.
The Health Club I/c Ms.Madhusmita Tarai & the Hobby Club I/c Mr.Kailash Mohanty prepared the relevant documentary along with music /song on swachhata in collaboration with the Music Dept.& the same was shared through respective whatsapp group & Youtube channel.
Motivational talk was arranged for the staff members in the form of an interactive session with one of the sr..most faculty of DPS, Nalco Nagar Mr.B.K.Rath(invited guest) as a part of sharing of BEST PRACTICES among the schools under the same Learning Hub, formed by CBSE, RO, BBSR.Mr.Rath emphasised on maintaining transparency as well as accuracy in the evaluation process also, which is a kind of implementing Swachhata even in our day today dealings with the students, which is expected to be reflected in the students’ approach 
All the I/c of different activities submitted their reports along with relevant photographs (taken in their respective mobile phones, in the absence of a proper Camera in the school) which was duly compiled for submission as well as uploading in the portal of the school & NTPC.

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